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October 19, 2021

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Momentum Stocks

The MOMO debrief, a look at what the trends were today and where they may be going.

Tilray Inc (TLRY)

At exactly 12:45pm today Tilray had a MASSIVE ramp. What do we know about this ramp?

#1. It happened fast.
#2. It happened furious.

Here's the intraday chart from when I put this together.

Starting at 12:45 it was green candle after green candle and within minutes the stock was up 7%, eventually making it to +11% for the day. I doubt any Gurus caught this momentum play as it happened very fast.

It wasn't just Tilray that took off, other weed stocks like Sundial Growers (SNDL) also saw some correlated movements. If you are interested in finding more popular "Weed stock" tickers, check out the Swaggy Stocks Cannabis plays page.

BlackBerry (BB)

Another name participating in this oddly-timed face-ripping rally is BB. BlackBerry eventually made it's way to the #2 most mentioned ticker on WSB and has a nearly identical intraday chart to Tilray. Let's check it.

Unusual behavior from these names, but I'm sure there is very logical reasoning behind it. /end sarcasm

Let's move on. One name picking up momentum, in the wrong direction, is Atea Pharmaceuticals (AVIR). The stock is down 65% today on news that it's covid treatment was showing a lot less-than-desired efficacy. Here's the 5-day chart (yikes).

What else are we seeing? We already have the hot stocks list that have made some nice gains today. Here's a few that *might* be flying under-the-radar.

The under-lined names are highlighted for no reason other than being somewhat unusual OR they were a ticker that has previously trended on WSB and have been beaten hard as of late.

Earnings Updates - Recent

  • Silvergate (SI): Beat on revenue and EPS and the stock traded down 11%today. This is after a significant 30% ramp to the upside the share price saw over the last several weeks.

  • Procter & Gamble (PG): Earnings beat and the company commented on seeing a significant inflationary cycle. PG was down 2% today.

  • Johnson & Johnson (JNJ): EPS beat and small miss on top-live revenues. Stock is trading up 2% today.

Earnings Updates - Upcoming


  • Tesla (TSLA) - AMC


  • American Airlines (AAL) - BMO

  • Southwest (LUV) - BMO

  • Snap Inc (SNAP) - AMC

  • Intel (INTC) - AMC

  • Chipotle (CMG) - AMC


  • Cleveland Cliffs (CLF) - BMO

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